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Energy Houses

ERM is the primary sponsor of the Energy House demonstration and education showcases. Set in private homes, the Energy Houses are actual renovations and retrofits of existing properties tailored to the owners’ budget and needs, achieving the best possible balance between initial investment and long-term energy and cost savings. Check our three of our Energy Houses on our partner page:

Energy House One

As a means of demonstrating the most advanced energy management systems in the market today ERM and its associates of energy experts developed the first in a series of Energy Homes at 2931 Melanie Lane in Oakton VA. Learn more >>

Energy House Two

Over 200 people attended this showcase of energy savings in a condominium unit in the Parkfairfax community in Alexandria, Virginia. Even with a small scale dwelling the cost savings can be significant. Learn more >>

Energy House Three

The energy-conscious retrofit of this “1900” style Capitol Hill row home realized substantial cost reductions. The homeowner was delighted to receive a letter from Pepco reducing her rates by nearly 40%, before the project was even finished! Learn more >> Photo gallery >> Video >>